Love for the work, clearly visible in the new intranet

Menno Roos
Product owner

Inform and unite

Moeders voor Moeders, (Mothers for Mothers in English), aims to provide her advisors with better information and to unite them with a new intranet. PiP is honoured with fulfilling this noble task. Born out of collaboration with our partner Redhotminute, the Personal Information Portal is jam packed with gamification features and doesn't just deliver coherence; it gives an insight in to the knowledge and the craft of the advisor. Fieldmanager Terry Halderman explains: "It’s a wonderful portal. It gives our advisors access to everything they need. The only question is: what will they do with it? The beauty of gamification is that we can now keep better track of this. We can use this new knowledge to give our advisors better support and coaching in their work."

Couples with fertility problems

Moeders voor Moeders is a national organisation that is part of the pharmaceutical company Aspen Oss b.v. The organisation is focused on helping couples facing fertility problems, and for this purpose they collect the urine of pregnant women. The human growth hormone hCG is harvested from this urine and is used by pharmaceutical companies in the manufacture of medication to treat fertility problems.

Information provider

After registration the expectant mothers are supported by our advisors that work for us on a freelance basis. "Since most of our advisors work remotely it can be a challenge to ensure that they all receive the same information," says Terry. "In the first instance PiP is intended as an information provider, as a portal where they can find and read information about what's happening at Moeders voor Moeders. Alongside that we also wanted the portal to help to create and reinforce a unity or we-feeling."

Old intranet

The previous intranet also sought to achieve this. According to Terry it had to be replaced because it was too 'wooly'. "It was just too much. We started a notice board so that people could sell things. We added a forum so that people could talk to one another. We added a section for the advisors to introduce themselves etc. This all contributed to the important information, our message, losing its impact and power. We strayed from our purpose; we didn't manage the content meaningfully or maintain it well enough.

A world of difference

Terry sees PiP as a leap forward: "I'm very happy with it. When you compare it with the old intranet, it really is a world of difference. It is very easy to navigate. It is slick, but not too slick. I really like the illustrated PiP character. She represents the advisor on the portal. She is comparable to the character of Sara on our website; she is representative of the pregnant woman." She goes on: "We work with emotion, you just can't avoid it. We want to provide information in the best possible way, but we cannot do this in a clean environment."

Knowledge grows

The advisors use the PiP to read news updates, study the handbook, do their exams and to check which events are coming up. These activities all go towards filling the 'heart' that is always at the top of the screen. This heart represents the love of the work. Terry explains: "As the advisors use the different aspects of the portal, their heart grows with their increasing knowledge. Every part of the portal has its own value. However, it can't just be about point scoring

Qualification platform in Sitecore

To prevent this and to remove the possibility of the advisors simply gathering 'points' by clicking repetitively on the same newsletter, for example - a distinction is made between the advisor's click activity in the underlying Sitecore CMS. This allows them to score points once a day or year. All of the achieved targets are added to the advisor's Sitecore profile. This allows Moeders voor Moeders to monitor their advisor's activity. They can see if the advisors are actively learning all year or studying only after a prompt, such as receiving an email reminder. Moeders voor Moeders can also personalise content to the specific advisor. Thus the advisor's ordering possibilities are amended based upon their own yearly targets.


Following the agile approach Moeders voor Moeders and Redhotminute had the foundations of PiP ready within two months. "We have worked really hard. It was amazing to see how quickly the boys in the team made themselves at home in our wooly, emotional world. They really understood us”. Last month PiP saw the light of day for the very first time. "Our daughter is doing very well," laughs Terry. "Immediately after the launch all of our advisors logged in en masse. We got a lot of compliments about the user friendly interface."

Adding interactivity 

The next step is to ensure that all communication with the advisors is through PiP. "This really needs to be deeply ingrained in everyone. We want rid of the emails." She continues: "We also want to make some parts of PiP even more interactive. For instance, there is a calendar that I contribute to. The idea is that soon, the advisors will be able to add any events that they are taking part in too. For instance: last night, I attended a ladies night in a garden centre. That may inspire others to think: 'Hey, thats funny. I hadn't thought of that. Let's see if there are any going on in my area.' The intention is that the advisors share their own experiences and knowledge and thus motivate one another."